Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Masterpiece in Mass Production

The industrial revolution has brought the advantages of mass production to many industries. In high fashion the emphasis remained on creative designs and skilled craftsmanship. Ready-made garments started becoming popular and more accepted only when clothes-making machines advanced. However, the complete artistic freedom enabled by custom-made designs is still favored by many. I suppose that, I too, would love all my clothes to be masterpieces created by the spark of inspiration and perspiration exerted by a fashion designer at work, every stitch calculated for the achievement of a more perfect garment. Unfortunately, as I am no Hollywood Star or Real-estate billionaire, my choice of clothing is confined to those created by the miracles of mass production. The tools created at Browzwear are going to change all that. Designers that utilize 3D visualization tools are exceedingly librated to experiment, they are less bound to the rigidness of procedure dictated by the nature of mass production. They can communicate more efficiently with the manufacturer and make sure that the final product is a precise duplicate of their computer generated masterpiece.

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