Monday, March 30, 2009

Fashion Design Software Helps You Become more Efficient in this Age of Economic Recession

It has been a long time since I have been on this blog and a lot is happening in the world. Due to this, I felt I had to change my way of working and to adjust my life and work accordingly.

Like at home where I have to be very cost conscious, at work I have to accommodate to give the best cost cutting and top line increasing solutions.
Today, I am sure we have the best virtual prototyping solutions on the apparel market, and that BROWZWEAR ensures companies maximum returns on sampling. Examples include:

  • Speeding up and adding creativity to the development and design process
  • Increasing customer arousal, interest and demand for products
  • Reducing manual effort in creating or re-creating physical samples
Our customers increase revenue and reduce costs by replacing their traditional processes with new processes enabled by BROWZWEAR’s 3D virtual prototyping and visualization software and services.

We help and support our customers with the visual presentation of their product concepts from the concept phase all the way through to the design phase. During the sales and marketing phases we provide support for presenting product variations.

BROWZWEAR's virtual prototyping toolset provides innovative visualization solutions right from the initial development phases.
  • We constantly strive to develop and optimize vstitcher as well as our solutions and range of services.
  • We built a team of experts, that make sure you get the most out of the applications and are always on hand to offer tips and advice.
  • We provide training in order to get the most out of using vstitcher
  • We assist our customers to optimize their workflow
Our customers today have to mainly concentrate on their core business.

Today Browzwear can meet most fashion company’s requirements, offer advice and find a solution that optimally meets their needs.

Funnily enough I would be happy to get a similar solution which could cut my costs at home too….