Thursday, January 10, 2008

Making the World a Better Place

Hi you all. I know…I know… You are probably looking at the title of the post and wondering what 3D fashion design and communication have to do with making this world any better. Well, consider this: According to the Council for Textile Recycling in addition to 4 million tons of post-consumer fabric waste in the USA alone, 25,000 tons of new textile fiber is disposed of by North American spinning mills, weavers and fabric manufacturers each year!!! Any yarn that is overproduced or does not meet the exact specifications of the purchaser is considered waste, even though it is perfectly useable.

Every time a garment prototype is made, fabric material is wasted, and all the fabric that’s transported back and forth, not to mention the designers and buyers flown in by the wonders of modern transportation, pollute the air we breathe.

By transferring the entire prototyping and design/pattern making process to the virtual realm we not only reduce costs and textile waste, we reduce the amount of land, water, energy, pesticides and human labor that goes into textile production…thus making the world a better place!