Thursday, March 6, 2008

Future Technologies

The overwhelming success of the Apple iPod has proved that technology can also be fashionable but can fashion be technological? With 3D visualization software consumers can get a lot more input into design. This type of software already allows for a more life like shopping experience and for manufacturers to communicate their ideas and designs more effectively, but the future holds much more in-store. A technology, so far in its infancy, has emerged. It is called rapid prototyping (RP) or 3D printing. The technology is based on printer-like machines firing computer guided laser beams at materials, such as nylon, heating the powder and fusing it layer by layer into complex, solid 3D shapes. (New Scientist, 30 September 2000, p 24).
The advancement of 3D visualization software such as ours combined with the fantastical prospects of 3D printing will create a new era in fashion. Imagine consumers designing their own garments, then printing them and wearing them! A future of fashion on demand… a future of mass customization of clothes at home…. We are not there yet and it would probably take a considerable amount of time but I just can’t wait!


Sotopia concepts said...

We like to encourage (fashion) designers, architects, artists etc to explore the possibilities of 3D printing. It is som much easier to have a certain freedom of form. Testing ideas, remodelling, finding investors using 3D printed objects. So many reasons to take a look at the different kind of printing techniques. Of course the investments in 3d printing machines are substantial. However you can also consider to use a 3d printing service bureau. They can help you optimizing and repairing your 3d files. They can also advise you about printing techniques and materials for objects, scale models or maquettes.


Violet said...

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