Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IMB trade fair and Vstitcher

Last week I was at the IMB trade fair in Cologne, Germany – the world's leading clothing technology fair. In spite of the challenging economic situation some 20,000 visitors from 100 countries attended the fair -much less than in previous IMB's but still quite impressive for such times. 

Browzwear had a small table with chairs at the Leapfrog stand. Leapfrog organised a very successful showcase of project activities and results. Leapfrog's large 224m2 booth was a great eye-catcher in the centre of hall 7 and many interesting meetings and contacts occurred throughout the 4 days of the fair.

Even when the fair looked quiet, we had our tables full and people waiting for meetings - quite amazing and unexpected these days!

Many visitors at our stand were interested in hearing more about the Leapfrog platform but mainly understood the value that Vstitcher presents to the industry. Fashion and technology schools, potential customers and distributors were all fully aware that Vstitcher is the market leader of 3D prototyping product. It seems that both our large customers and PLM and body scanning partners recommended Browzwear as the leading 3D solution for fashion development, design and merchandizing. I was very excited to see this!

It is now clear that the fashion and textile world is ready for 3d prototyping. It was unambiguous to all visitors that virtual 3D prototyping ensures the quality of a garment and its look and fit, reduces the number of physical prototypes, and makes communication between product development sites clearer, easier and faster. As a result, both brands, and retailers understand that Browzwear's 

Vstitcher accelerates the collection development cycle and enables users to overcome the "Fast Fashion" challenges of an greater than ever number of collections and alternative products. We heard from Universities that they are now researching how much 3D virtual prototyping helps to reduce development costs and, as such, is a real competitive advantage for apparel companies. Vstitcher is obviously looked at as the most advanced solution in this field! 

For me it was a very energizing trade fair and made me believe even more in Browzwear's future opportunities! 


Emboodo said...

Very interesting article

Larry H. Preußer said...

Well, I am a bit astonished to see a bunch of assyst employees in one of your pictures. Isn't the guy in the centre the Product Manager of Vidya, the assyst 3D-software?

Aviela Sherbu Cohen said...

Hi Larry
Indeed could be as they were part of the Leapfrog, and the photo was taken there.

Unknown said...

I think that is fascinating, this technology could change the world...wow